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Our current policies are for your maximum tennis enjoyment.



A.              attendant:  The attendant is the management representative in charge of the facility at any particular time, such as the receptionist, club professional or manager.  Such attendant shall have authority and responsibility to enforce club policies.

B.              ADULT:  An adult is any member 19 years of age or older or a member under 19 who has been offered and has accepted adult playing status.

C.              COURTS:  Defined to include all indoor and outdoor courts.

D.              GUEST(S):  A guest is a player who has been invited to play at the club with a member. 

E.              GUEST PASS:  Members paying their dues before the first day of each month receive one free Guest Pass per week.  The Guest Pass can be used for up to 3 guests on the same court, is valid that month only and does not accumulate if not used.  A guest may come out on court on a free guest pass only once a month; guest fees will be charged for guests who play more than once a month.

F.              JUNIOR MEMBER:  A junior member is any member 18 years of age or younger who pays monthly dues and adheres to the rules of junior play.

G.             JUNIOR PROGRAM MEMBER:  A junior program member is any junior 18 years of age or younger who is currently participating in the junior program.

H.              MANAGEMENT:  Owners, Board of Directors, and staff involved in management of the club, including the tennis professional.

I.                MEMBER:  A member is any person whose dues and other accounts with FCAC are current, and spouse and children of the named member who have membership status pursuant to terms of their membership agreement.

J.               OFFICE HOURS:  FCAC office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, and 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, June 1 - August 31, with the exception of holidays posted by the club.

K.              OPEN COURTS:  Open courts are unreserved courts available for members.

L.               PLAYER:  A player is any member or guest on the club premises ready to play tennis.

M.             SPECIAL USE COURTS:  Special use courts are courts set aside for program events, inter-club and open tournaments, lessons, USTA league play, promotions or other such similar activities as shown on the current published program schedule or on the reservation schedule.

N.              PROMOTIONAL COURTS:  Certain courts may be set aside at various times for the purpose of promoting new memberships.  Participation in such promotional events by existing members shall be limited to that necessary to introduce prospective members to the club, to acquaint new members with the club, to broaden playing contacts and encourage infrequent players to play more.

O.             RESERVED COURTS:  Reserved courts are courts that were available and were properly reserved by a member.

P.              PROGRAM EVENTS:  Program events are regularly scheduled group play sessions taking place, usually weekly, on courts designated for such on the program schedule, such as evening flights, weekday flights and singles flights.  They are governed by their own rules as to eligibility, court assignments, and the like and may not be covered in these rules.  Non-members may, at management’s discretion, participate in order to fill the program.

Q.             TENNIS PARTIES:  Tennis parties are special group play sessions, usually combined with refreshments and related social activities, participation in which is available to Members and their Guests on a sign-up basis.

R.              PRIME TIME:  Prime Time is 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday.


FAMILY MEMBERSHIP:  A family membership consists of one adult or two adults living as a couple and their related children, 22 years old or younger who are being supported by their parents. Children older than 22 will be considered guests and must pay a guest fee.  Exceptions may be made for dependents attending college. A family membership is entitled to use of two names at a time for reservations.

SINGLE MEMBERSHIP:  A single membership consists only of the named member, offering the member single membership privileges. A single membership is entitled to use of one name for reservations.

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP:  Junior members have one name for reservation purposes with limited privileges.  They can make reservations for non-Prime Time courts only.  They can also make walk-on reservations on open courts and their names may be used as second names for reservations by regular members for prime time play.

EXECUTIVE MEMBERSHIP:  Executive membership extends to the Board of Directors, Owners, Management and Staff of the club and to those additional persons designated by the Management/Owners.  Those who have executive membership status are not governed by regular membership policy.

INACTIVE MEMBERSHIP:     After at least six months of membership, members may convert to inactive memberships. Inactive members pay $25.00 plus tax per month. They may reactivate their memberships at any time without paying the initiation fee. Inactive members pay standard guest fees if they play at the club. They pay non-member rates if they participate in club programs. They do not have reservation privileges.

INJURY INACTIVE MEMBERSHIP:  Members who are injured may convert to injury inactive membership if approved by the club manager. Injury inactive members pay regular dues for three months and then pay no dues for up to nine months. They may reactivate their memberships at any point during this time without paying the initiation fee. Injury inactive members have no club privileges.


III.             GENERAL RULES

A.               Rules apply to all Courts, both indoors and outdoors.

B.               Playing Rules:  USTA Rules apply, except as modified herein or in other club publications.

C.              Court Use Restrictions:  Court use shall be restricted as follows:

1.               Players must wear tennis shoes and clothing intended for tennis, e.g., no cutoffs, street shoes and street wear, jeans;

2.               Usual and necessary tennis equipment is to be used on the courts;

3.               No food or smoking, please.   Beverages are limited to water and sports drinks on the courts;

4.               Cell phones must be turned off while on the courts.

D.              Player Conduct:

1.               Rules:  The Rules and Code of the USTA apply in relation to court etiquette and code of conduct.

2.               Spiking, etc.:  Spiking balls, throwing racquets, profane language, etc., are prohibited.  Violators will be asked to leave by the Attendant.

3.               Practicing:  Members practicing shall be considerate of play on adjacent courts.  A maximum of four (4) balls shall be in play during practice if barriers/curtains are not being used.

4.               Barriers:  Barriers are never to be used between courts where doubles is being played (prime time/ non prime time) unless a lesson is being given by one of the club pros.  Barriers may be used during prime time if there is singles play on all courts and all players agree. 

5.               Court Assignments:  Specific court requests may be made at the time of the reservation and will be accommodated to the extent possible, on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Final court assignment will be determined by the Attendant.

6.               Ball Machine:   Rental of the ball machine cannot be used to hold a prime time reservation.  If a court is reserved by two people, then the ball machine may be used if court one is available.  Exceptions to this can only be made by club staff on a case by case basis.  Ball machine rental by members during non-prime time will be at the discretion of management.  Rental fees will vary. 

E.               Play Procedure:

1.               Club Hours:  The club is open 24 hours.  If a member wishes to play before 6a.m or after 12 midnight, prior arrangements must be made with staff.

2.               Play Periods:  Playing time, whether on Reserved, Open or Special Use Courts, shall be one and one-half (1-1/2) hours maximum, and such other periods as may be authorized and designated on the court reservation schedule.  These time periods shall begin as stated on the schedule and not when players arrive.

3.               End of Play:  When a play period is over and others are waiting to use the court for the next play period, the players shall discontinue play at the end of the point , regardless of where they are in the game, and promptly remove their gear from the playing area.  Players coming onto the court shall not enter the playing area until all play has stopped.

F.               Consecutive Play Periods:  Players may not play consecutive periods except as follows:

1.               On Open Courts and if no players are waiting;

2.               Before or after Special Court Use play.  Exception: a member who has played in a session prior, regardless of the type of play, may be required to give way to others who did not play the prior session if all courts are filled and others are waiting to play.


G.              Junior Play

1.               Junior Program members:  Junior Program members shall have access to all courts designated for junior play at the following times:  weekdays, 2 or 3 courts from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

2.               Junior Members:  Junior members have limited reservation privileges.  They can make reservations for non-prime time courts.  They can also sign in on any open court and their name can be used as a second name for reservations by regular members for prime time play.

3.               Use of Courts:  Junior Program members, at the discretion of the Attendant, may be required to relinquish indoor courts, whether reserved or not, if the outdoor courts are playable.


A.               Designation of Reserved Courts  All courts shall be designated and available for reservation play when not otherwise scheduled as Special Use Courts.

B.               General Reservation Policy

1.               Reservations may be made on the ACE Reservation website or in person or by phone during office hours. Requests for court reservations left on the club answering machine will not be honored unless made during regular office hours and confirmed by staff through a return call.

2.               Courts may be reserved by members up to a maximum of 7 days in advance of the requested time slot. For example, a reservation can be made on Monday for the following Monday or any day in between.  A request for a specific court may be made at the time of a court reservation, but cannot be guaranteed.

C.              .Reservation Eligibility and Limitations

1.               Eligibility:  All Single, Family and Junior members are eligible to place court reservations. Family memberships have two reservation names to use at a time. Single and Junior memberships have one reservation name to use at a time. Junior members are eligible to place reservations for Non-Prime Time courts only.

2.               Number of ReservationsA member name may have one 24-hour reservation and one advance reservation, up to 7 days in the future, booked at the same time. Walk-on reservations may be made one hour before court time and do not count against the 24-hour reservation.

3.               Use of Names:  Two names are required to make 24-hour and advance reservations. One name is required for a walk-on reservation. The members whose names are used for a reservation must be available and intending to play during the requested time slot. The member placing the reservation must have prior authorization of the second member playing to hold the court.

4.               Reservation Name Changes:  If a member whose name is used for a reservation cannot play, the reservation must be canceled. Reservation cancelations made through the office must be made by telephone, not email.

5.               Reserving with Guests: Reservations for singles and doubles may be made with one member name and one guest name.


D.              Late Cancelations and No Shows

1.               If a reservation is canceled within four hours of the court time, the cancelation is considered to be a late cancelation. There is a $10.00 fine for late cancelations if all indoor courts were scheduled for use at that time.

2.               If players do not show up for their reserved court time and they make no effort to inform the club of the situation, it is considered to be a “no show”. There is a $15.00 fine for a no show if all indoor courts were scheduled for use at that time.


E.              Violations Any violations of general reservation policies may result in revocation of the member’s reservation privileges, at the discretion of management.


A.              Sign In: All players must sign in before entering the courts.

B.              Start Play: All players must be on the assigned court within 10 minutes after the scheduled start time.  Failure to do so will forfeit their reservation to any waiting players, unless they phone the attendant before their reservation time commences to give notice that they expect to be late. However, to secure their court, they must arrive at the club no later than 15 minutes after scheduled court time.  Others may play on the court until the players holding the reservation arrive.

C.              Warming Up: Warming up or playing in the time slot prior to the open court you registered for constitutes playing in the previous session; you could be bumped from the open court by another player.


A.              Responsibility for guestsMembers are responsible for the conduct of their guest(s), and for compliance with all club rules.

B.              Guest registration procedureAll guests must be signed in and  must complete and sign a liability waiver form before going on court. Guests are not permitted to enter the court until their member sponsor is present to accompany them. Failure to follow guest registration procedure may result in loss of future guest privileges.

C.              Guest feesEach member will be charged a $15.00 fee per guest, per court session. Use of a guest pass waives the guest fee for the court.  Management reserves the right to make exceptions on a case by case basis.

D.              Special guest statusCertain guests are eligible for special guest status, and are exempt from the fee and the once a month guest pass restriction.  Examples: house guests visiting from out of town, bona fide prospective members, or other exceptions as may be granted by management.

E.              Unregistered guestsA fine of $20 is imposed for guests who are not properly signed in.

F.              ViolationsAny violation or abuse of the guest rules may result in reduction or suspension of guest privileges at management’s discretion.


A.              Procedure:  Offenses and violations of these rules shall be referred to management, who shall make an adequate inquiry into the relevant facts of the offense.

B.              Penalty:  Management may, as a penalty, restrict the offender’s playing or reservation or guest privileges for a specified period of time.  Repeated offenses or offenses deemed to merit a more severe penalty might result in suspension from the club for a longer period or termination of membership.


A.              Dues:  Dues are to be paid by the 5th of the month.  A late fee of $5.00 will be assessed if payment has not been received by the 5th of the current month.  A $15.00 fee will be charged for returned checks.  After 60 days, all privileges will be suspended until all back dues are paid in full.  After 90 days, termination of membership will be automatic.

B.              Programs:  Women’s flights, men’s flights, open play and mixed doubles are examples of programs offered at the club from time to time.  The schedule for these programs will be posted at the club with additional information provided via email and/or on the website.

C.              Dial-a-match:  With 48 hours advance notice, a member can request that the tennis pro set up a match.  If no one is available, the pro will play or allow free use of the ball machine.

D.              Sponsor a member:  A member is rewarded with one month’s free dues if they sponsor a new member who joins the club.

E.              Changes and notification:  Management has the authority to change these rules or to supply additions necessitated by circumstances, notice of which shall be posted or otherwise published to the members. 

F.              Management reserves the right to change or amend the above without prior notice to or consent of the membership.